Missing you for 7 years​

You would have been 21 today if dogs could live forever. I’ve been missing you for seven years now, Casey. You were the most chill dog and always by my side no matter what. There was just something special about you, and you had a sense of good and evil. Of all of your admirable traits, your loyalty to me was unwavering.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVersion 3Version 3casey4

Cady’s 9th Birthday

Cady turned 9 today. I took her and Irys for an afternoon hike and then picked up her cake from Four Muddy Paws. I think she is having a good birthday celebration. She shared her cake with her sister from another mister, Irys.

This is her second birthday with me as I adopted her on May 14, 2016, and just missed having her home for her 6th birthday by 16 days.

(Peanut butter cake with white yogurt icing)

Version 2IMG_4397 wmIMG_4408 edit Cady wmIMG_4414 edit Cady wmIMG_4412IMG_4396

Pickleback Wings

Pickleback wings – Test kitchen at home today.

I’ve tried pickleback shots, but I needed to make a batch of these to see what the pickle brine craze was about and what the flavour was like on wings.

Top – just brined overnight.
Bottom – brined and with Bourbon (Basel Hayden’s) Honey Sauce.

I like the sauced version better, but the brined only have a good pickle flavor.

Top photo – cooking complete.  Bottom photo – heading into the oven

pickleback wings 2pickleback wings 1

Snow Day

We had a pretty good snowfall in the St. Louis region from 1/11 to 1/12/19. Some areas received up to 12-inches of snow. Lots of news coverage with many of the TV networks doing their broadcasts from here.

But this isn’t about all the problems people had commuting or just getting around the region for 24-hours. This is about fun. Dogs having fun. My 2 girls enjoying the new snowfall.

So here they are. Cady and Irys being dogs. Having fun. Enjoy!