1st Birthday for Irys

I had my first birthday on December 10th. I got a banana carob cake with my name on it. We went for several walks and played outside a bunch. As you can see in the last photo I was not happy having to sit with that delicious cake in front of me while my human took a photo. Even though she’s not in these photographs, I did share the cake with my sister Cady.



Sisters by DNA

Below you will find the DNA test results for my two adopted dogs Cady and Irys. They both share the breeds Labrador, Akita, and Chow. It’s interesting how the mix of DNA makes for two totally different looking dogs.

But, they both share a high intelligence and are big sweethearts.

I like running the DNA tests for breed characteristics, but besides that information, I also received a great printout of their health information that I was able to give to my vet.

Cady (left) and Irys (right)

IMG_0063 edit.jpeg

Irys Embark DNA

Cady Wisdom Panel DNA 1


Irys DNA results by Embark Veterinary

Snapshot of Irys DNA test results from Embark Veterinary.

Pretty cool. I like all the information on the detailed report I received. They have a nice section of the 165 genetic diseases​ they screen for plus other health conditions.

I would highly recommend them to​ anyone who wants to know more about their dog.

This is Irys public profile if you would like to see more about her and Embark – EMBK.ME/IRYS


Irys DNA


IMG_9476 edit


A new 4-footed kid in the house

Meet Irys – The new 4-footed kind in the house!

Adopted this pupper on Friday, 7/27/18. She’s 8-months old, a big sweetheart, curious, full of energy, knows commands, likes her crate, generous with kisses, loves to play and is getting to know her big sister Cady. Yep, she’s a smaller sized German Shepherd. I will be using Embark to run her DNA swab and see what she’s made of.

I had a busy morning with the hooman on Saturday. Car ride, trail walk, Home Depot visit, back seat peek-a-boo, and photos. Then we came home and played fetch the ball in the yard. Nap time!

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