Abbey Turns 14!

My sweet yellow Labrador Retriever named Abbey has turned 14 this month.  She is also known as “girlfriend” as she is my couch snuggler and gives me the gentlest little kisses each night before bedtime.

Her registered name is Dutch Hollow’s Steal A Heart, JH and was born on 12-11-2000.  She was my 2nd Labrador Retriever and a member of a pack of 4 labs.

Always a hard worker, obedient and eager to please, Abbey has been a joy to live with over the years.  She loves small children, retrieving waterfowl or just retrieving anything for me.  Always a good companion and traveler she has visited 6 states with me.

She was my yellow lab male (Casey) sweetheart and they grew up together only being 2 years apart in age.

Thanks for all of the good times over the years and I’m glad we have grown old together.

Abbey’s cake is made from wheat flour, diced apples, banana, shredded carrots, 3 nut butters, oil, egg, water and baking powder.  The icing is a thin layer of whipped cream cheese.



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