BOSCH Drama Series Available on February 13th

If you loved the Harry Bosch novels by Michael Connelly, here’s the latest information about the TV series coming soon on AmazonPrime.  You can sign up for AmazonPrime, watch all of the episodes and then cancel your AmazonPrime membership if you don’t really want that annual fee of US $99 ($8.25/month).


Information from the Michael Connelly web page –
Bosch starts streaming on February 13 in the UK, USA, & Germany on Amazon Prime, All ten episodes at once!

The countdown has begun… Get ready to stream all episodes of #BoschAmazon on 2/13 only on #AmazonPrime.

Watch the pilot that brings Bosch to life here now:

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All ten episodes of the series will begin streaming on February 13, 2015 on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the USA, the UK, and GermanyLearn more about Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service here. Sign up for an Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial period here.

In Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway: watch via HBO Nordic. Weekly episodes begin February 14, 2015.

In Canada: stream via CraveTV. All 10 episodes will be available on February 14, 2015.
In New Zealand: watch via Sky Television. Date to be determined.
In Italy: watch via Eagle Pictures. Date to be determined.
We will add updates about other countries as the news comes in.

From the author –

January 14, 2015
Hello Bosch Fans! Happy New Year. We are less than a month away from theBosch television show being available in all its 10-episode glory. Starting today, Amazon is putting up the new and improved pilot for viewing. You may be asking, do I really need to watch it again? Well, that of course is your choice but I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some of the changes we put into the pilot after we got the green light to film a whole season. The main changes are in regard to the court case. Bosch is being sued for killing a man during the investigation of a serial killer case. If you remember the original pilot, the trial started at the beginning of the case with opening statements from the attorneys and Harry in the defendant’s chair watching. When we got the go ahead on the first season we decided we should come into the trial after it is already underway and Harry Bosch is on the witness stand. We wanted Harry more active in the courtroom and this did the trick. We also had to bring in a few new actors because some actors in the pilot had schedule conflicts once we set our shooting schedule. One of the new ones is Mimi Rogers, who plays Money Chandler, the attorney suing Harry. She’s really good and just like the Money in the book. There are a couple of other added scenes as well. But I think the new courtroom scenes are very important because Harry is now a participant. He is testifying and revealing himself, and the information that comes out is important to his character and the rest of the episodes in the season. The new pilot is up and available now but if you ask me, I would wait to watch it when the whole season is available on February 13 and you can roll from the pilot right into episode 2. At least that’s what I think.
– Michael Connelly

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