Why I love my dogs veterinary practice

It’s really nice to use the same veterinary practice for the past 18 years when you have to deal with a difficult day like today (The passing of Abbey – see prior post). My vet practices western medicine and holistic health for animals. Having a staff that cares about you and your dogs is just wonderful. Suggesting that I bring Tess with so she could be with Abbey made today a bit easier. It also let Abbey be with her friend.  The is the second dog that I have held as it passed on. I promised them both I would be with them from beginning to end.

The vet sent me home with Ignatia for both Tess and I. Ignatia is a homeopathic remedy that is derived from the bean of a small tree that is native to the Philippine Islands and China. It is one of the best remedies for conditions brought about by emotional upset such as grief, shock, jealousy, fear, anger, depression, embarrassment, fright, or ridicule. Homeopaths frequently recommend Ignatia when the patient is suffering from romantic disappointment or the loss of a spouse, relative, friend, or pet. The remedy helps the patient bear the grief and suffering common to emotional upsets.

The staff let me have private time with Abbey after she was gone. It’s a nice touch and appreciated. It’s also nice to receive hugs from the staff when you go to leave the office.

Thanks again to the staff at Animal Health & Healing.


Abbey (RIP) & Tess


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