Outdoors with Cady and no leash

I’ve been working with Cady on her off leash skills.  The action photos are of her returning to me when called.  She has been doing really good and as you can see she loves to return to me at high speed.  I love working with her and finding our what she knows and will learn for me.  She is quite the character and I’m so glad I found her and adopted her.


Tess is 15 – Happy Birthday!

Tess turned 15 on November 17, 2016 and here are some fun photos of her eating her birthday cake from Treats Unleashed – The Natural Place for Pets.  This sweet girl has been a joy to live with since she was a puppy.  She is the third Labrador Retriever of my original four (Casey, Abbey, Tess & Darby) and the only member of that crew still on this earth.  She has aged gracefully and I love the gray highlights on her face.