Cady hits the Home Depot with me

My thanks to Home Depot for being dog friendly. Cady loves to go with me when I have purchases to make or projects to plan with items to be looked at. The staff is always friendly to her and she enjoys getting the pets and kisses from them. She enjoys walking the isles inside and out and seeing all of the customers. It’s a great place to practice sits, downs, walking on lead and walking next to a shopping cart. There are lots of visual distractions and sounds for her to navigate when we make our way through the store. She always makes a new friend or two when we go there.



Tess and her puppies

A long time ago Tess had this beautiful litter of puppies. She was a great mother and took wonderful care of them as they grew up. I didn’t keep any, and they were all placed in good homes after the humans were vetted.

I came across three videos of her puppies feeding on kibble. Thought I’d share them with you. Follow these three links to view them – Puppies 1, puppies 2, and puppies 3 . Enjoy watching and think about the wonderful smell of puppy breath.

It’s nice to have these memories in photos and video now that Tess pass passed on.