Tess – you would have been 16 today

Tess, you would have been 16 today – video here

Today (11/17) would have been your 16th birthday Tess. I miss you so much. You had two beautiful litters of puppies and were a fantastic mother to them. All of your pups went on to great lives as family pets and hardworking retrievers; many of them earned AKC titles.

You were my first black Labrador Retriever, my 3rd Labrador, and my goofy girl. You knew no boundaries on personal space, but were quick with a kiss and your tail wagged non-stop. I use to whisper your name just to see and hear you thump your tail 90 MPH.

You achieved your AKC Junior Hunter title and always made sure you let the guys in the blind see your duck before returning to me. You had your style when it came to retrieving; fast, proud and sassy.

You were Abbey’s best friend, sweet on Casey, and accepted an older Darby when I brought her home and shared the place of dog #3 with her in our pack. I took you everywhere as a pup and often snuck you into restaurants when you were small enough to hide under my hoodie or jacket.

You’re the reason I found and brought Cady home, another black girl. I’m happy you got to spend some time with her. You came to me at a time when I needed a puppy in my life. I will always remember you. You remained a loveable, graceful gray-faced senior dog as you aged.

I hope you’ve found the rest of the pack and you guys are running and playing in the fields together. When I pass, I want to be where you four are.

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