ACCOMPLISHED PROFESSIONAL offering a solid educational background, extensive experience and a strong record of performance as Business Manager, Site Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Site Coordinator, Supervisor of Maintenance & Services and Metals Mechanic Craftsmen. Also have extensive training in media relations and communications, as well as Health and Safety. Significant qualifications include:

• Meeting deadlines with quality results through time management and attention to detail.
• Achieving high productivity and efficiency through planning, prioritizing and multi-tasking.
• Working well as a part of a team through flexibility, open communication and compromise.
• Quickly advancing to greater levels of responsibility based on loyalty and performance.
• Flexible regarding scheduling, overtime, limited travel and special projects.
• Interacting well with people regardless of their cultural, economic or social backgrounds.
• Upholding high levels of confidentiality, initiative and personal/organizational integrity.
• Being responsive when it comes to answering phone calls and email messages.
• Taking on challenge by pioneering new ideas, accepting risk and making difficult decisions.
• Skilled in the use of personal computers with Microsoft and Mac software.

Casey enjoying a sunny day
Casey enjoying a sunny day

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