Cady’s Spa Day

Cady enjoys going in for a grooming, bath and nail trim which I refer to as her Spa Day.  After I pick her up we go for a big walk and I take a few photos of her.  The groomer always sends her home with a new bandana.   Here she is in a Spring color themed hearts bandana.  I like to post several photos of her as she always manages to make a silly face,  close her eyes or turn her head while I take the photos.

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Outdoors with Cady and no leash

I’ve been working with Cady on her off leash skills.  The action photos are of her returning to me when called.  She has been doing really good and as you can see she loves to return to me at high speed.  I love working with her and finding our what she knows and will learn for me.  She is quite the character and I’m so glad I found her and adopted her.