Bosch Season 2 information

Bosch Season 2 launches on March 11, 2016 in the USA, the UK, Germany and Austria. It will pull stories mainly from Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote.

Season 2 official trailer on YouTube here

Visit the web site here for links to the books in season 2.

Michael Connelly on Bosch Season 2.  Follow this link to his web site for the Q&A

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A Great Internet “Radio Show” – The Digital Showgram

Are you tired of what is on the radio these days? Want to listen to something interesting from a guy who has had a 30-year career in radio and TV. Then give this a try for a few days.

My favorite radio personality, JC Corcoran has a newish venture, live from 6:00 to 7am CST, Monday thru Friday – The Digital Showgram at The show runs one hour commercial free and goes direct to podcast and rebroadcast immediately afterward.

JC is based in St. Louis, grew up in Chicago and worked in radio all over the country.  He also does guest fill-ins on WLS in Chicago.  You can find his complete history at his web site

Afterwards listen for free to JC’s Backtracks. Great music that runs daily for about 23 hours. You’ll hear some of the best music that broadcast radio isn’t playing anymore. It’s free and there are no ads.

The Digital Showgram – Great talk and the daily features, no commercials. No suits. No FCC.

The Digital Showgram app has been published in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can get them for FREE, right now.

Digital Showgram for iOS

Digital Showgram for Android

Both Android and iOS apps are designed to look best on phone devices, but should still run on tablets with no problems. A tablet version for Android and iOS are in the works.

If the links don’t work just go here to the web site for active links  Look at the menu and you’ll figure it out.