Cady hits the Home Depot with me

My thanks to Home Depot for being dog friendly. Cady loves to go with me when I have purchases to make or projects to plan with items to be looked at. The staff is always friendly to her and she enjoys getting the pets and kisses from them. She enjoys walking the isles inside and out and seeing all of the customers. It’s a great place to practice sits, downs, walking on lead and walking next to a shopping cart. There are lots of visual distractions and sounds for her to navigate when we make our way through the store. She always makes a new friend or two when we go there.



Orchid Show 2017

I stopped by the Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens today and took a bunch of photos. I picked these 15 to share with you

The event is held annually around February 4th to March 26th each year to coincide with the orchids bloom cycle. The Orchid Show is designed anew year year. They have over 6000 orchid plants as a part of their living collection with the oldest species still in the collection dating back to the 1890s.

The Missouri Botanical Gardens are world class and worth a visit if you are coming to the St. Louis area. To find out more visit