Holiday green screen fun with Cady​

I decided to try something new this year with my holiday photos of Cady. I photographed her against a green screen then used Photoshop to remove the green background and save her as a png file with a transparent background. For my final images, I used Adobe Illustrator to place her in stock holiday images.

It was fun working on this project and she was great posing for me. I love how she will sit so pretty for me and I think she has the best expressions. She never minds wearing beads or decorations around her neck. As a side note, I adopted Cady (age 6) in May 2016 from the Humane Society of Missouri.

Treats were used as rewards, incentives, and modeling fee for Cady. I need to work on my photoshop skills some more, but for self-taught I think I’m doing pretty well.

Everyone have a great holiday season!

Version 2Basic RGBBasic RGBVersion 2Basic RGBBasic RGB

Cady photo dump

We’ve been really busy and my human hasn’t had time to get to this blog and post my new photographs. I finally nudged him enough that he got it done tonight. I hope you like seeing what I’ve been up to this summer and at the start of fall. BTW, he got a tattoo of me on his arm. Right above the dog paws and names of his Labrador Retrievers that have traveled to the rainbow bridge. I think I look pretty sharp in ink – Cady

Cady’s 7th Birthday

Cady turned 7 on Sunday April 23rd.  She indulged in peanut butter cake from the local dog bakery.  Went on 2 car rides, 2 big walks, got lots of butt rubs (you know, that spot on their back right above the tail base), ear scratches and a little steak for dinner.

I brought her home from the humane society on May 14th 2016.   She was a great find and we have been having lots of fun since she moved in with me.

Version 3Version 3Version 3Cady cake 7th