Abbey doing water retrieves

These are photos of Abbey and Casey from 4/8/01. Abbey was 4-months old. She was learning how to retrieve from water. Look at how she swims at her age and brings the training bumper back to me. I was always amazed at how quick their genes kicked in told them what to do. The older Labrador Retriever is my boy Casey and he was about 2 1/2 at the time. She adored Casey from the time I brought her home and quickly claimed him as her boyfriend. This girl worked so hard for me and received her Junior Hunter title before she was two. RIP Abbey and Casey. You would have been 17 today Abbey if dogs could live that long. Missing you both.


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Abbey following Casey
2-009_9 copy
Casey (L) and Abbey (R)
3-012_12 copy
Sharing a retrieve – Casey (L), Abbey (R)
Got it Greg – Abbey
5-018_18 copy
Abbey coming back to shore
6-021_21 copy
Is this what you wanted Greg?


Casey in Flight

Founds these old photos of Casey and scanned them to share.

This is how an 80 pound Labrador Retriever launches himself to retrieve a duck for me. Look at his muscles in the second photo right before he goes into flight.  He could fly for 22 feet and in this photo, he cleared the tall reeds/cattails. Look at his feet together front and rear in the third photo. In the second to last photo that’s Abbey at 4-months old watching him. Photos from 4/8/2001. RIP guys. Great memories and lots of friendship, love, and loyalty from you two.

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Memories of Abbey

Video tribute here.

Abbey, you would have been 17 today if it was possible for Labradors to live that long. You were a fun, lovable girl who came into my life as my second Labrador Retriever and quickly rocked Casey’s world and learned the art of the snuggle. You helped me raise Tess and treated her like she was a puppy of your own. You two became best friends, and when you weren’t hanging with your boyfriend Casey, you were by Tess’ side. You two knew how to play ruff, take care of each other and be sweet on Casey. I nicknamed you girlfriend because you loved to curl up next to me with your head on my leg. Each night when I let you sleep on the bed, you always laid next to me and gave two kisses, lay your head on my chest and fell asleep. We had tons of adventures together, traveled to 6 states, and you worked so hard getting your Junior Hunter title before you were two years old. I miss you every day and will always have and great memories of you. I sure hope you’re running around heaven with Tess, Casey, and Darby.


Tess – you would have been 16 today

Tess, you would have been 16 today – video here

Today (11/17) would have been your 16th birthday Tess. I miss you so much. You had two beautiful litters of puppies and were a fantastic mother to them. All of your pups went on to great lives as family pets and hardworking retrievers; many of them earned AKC titles.

You were my first black Labrador Retriever, my 3rd Labrador, and my goofy girl. You knew no boundaries on personal space, but were quick with a kiss and your tail wagged non-stop. I use to whisper your name just to see and hear you thump your tail 90 MPH.

You achieved your AKC Junior Hunter title and always made sure you let the guys in the blind see your duck before returning to me. You had your style when it came to retrieving; fast, proud and sassy.

You were Abbey’s best friend, sweet on Casey, and accepted an older Darby when I brought her home and shared the place of dog #3 with her in our pack. I took you everywhere as a pup and often snuck you into restaurants when you were small enough to hide under my hoodie or jacket.

You’re the reason I found and brought Cady home, another black girl. I’m happy you got to spend some time with her. You came to me at a time when I needed a puppy in my life. I will always remember you. You remained a loveable, graceful gray-faced senior dog as you aged.

I hope you’ve found the rest of the pack and you guys are running and playing in the fields together. When I pass, I want to be where you four are.

Cady photo dump

We’ve been really busy and my human hasn’t had time to get to this blog and post my new photographs. I finally nudged him enough that he got it done tonight. I hope you like seeing what I’ve been up to this summer and at the start of fall. BTW, he got a tattoo of me on his arm. Right above the dog paws and names of his Labrador Retrievers that have traveled to the rainbow bridge. I think I look pretty sharp in ink – Cady

Cady’s Goofy Photographs

Of all the photos, I have saved of my dogs; I think I cherish the goofy ones the best. The ones where they are just acting like dogs and most people don’t get to see.

Behind Cady is a Poke Weed plant. Yes, there is a song (Poke Salad Annie) about it written and performed by Tony Joe White in 1969 and then sung Elvis Presley in 1970.

It’s poisonous. The toxins in Pokeweed, depending on what source you’re working from, range from deadly to mild.

With caution, young leaves and stems in the spring, before any red has crept into them, are harvested by legions of foragers and boiled in at least two changes of water, discarding the water afterward.

Read all about Poke Weed here at Nadia’s Yard.

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