Gotcha Day Celebration

Celebrating Cady’s gotcha day two years ago.  Then and now photographs.

I’m so happy I monitored humane society website and then went and met her. After a few minutes, I knew she would be coming home with me. Her original name just didn’t match who she was, so I gave her a new one.

She is named after Cady Longmire. A character in the Craig A. Johnson novels titled Longmire. A series of 19 books (at this writing) and also a great television adaptation available on Netflix and other video outlets. The series ran from June 2012 to November 2017.

Cady May 2016 homeCady May 2018

If​ dogs could live forever

If dogs could live forever, you would have been 20 today Casey. I’ve been missing you every day for the past 6 years.

Hope you’re hanging out with Abbey, Tess, and Darby in heaven.

You were one hell of a pack leader my friend.

I’m glad I got to spend part of my life with you. You made every day of it so very good.

  1. As a pupper laying claim to the fireplace.
  2. Hard working duck dog. It’s just in the genes.
  3. Happy dude laying in the flowers.
  4. A very chill dude enjoying a sunny day.
  5. A pack leader and his ladies – (L to R) Casey (son), Abbey, Tess and Darby (mom).

2 small projects I recently completed 

A couple of projects I made to make my morning routine easier:

– Coffee mug shelf mounted by the fence gate I take Cady (my doggo) in and out of daily for her bathroom routine. I got tired of setting my morning coffee on the ground to open the fence gate each day. I made a cedar shelf with a galvanized L-bracket and an extra fence brace band. Enlarged the L-bracket holes to accommodate the 2 fence brace band bolts.

– Pooper Scooper station with disposal can and a coffee mug shelf. Cedar board attached to a T-post. Welded I-bolts for chains to hold the can and lid in case of high winds. Hooks to hang the scooper rake and pan from.

cup shelfcup shelf mountpoop scoop station