Photo shoot outtakes – Cady

Outtakes from Cady’s Valentine’s day photo shoot after our hike. This is what happens when your model gets distracted and bored.

All in fun. I thought you would get a laugh from these images. She’s very easy to take photos of. Today we had a warm up and there were lots of distractions from birds and insects.

boredmodelCady4-1518655000195Version 2Version 2boredmodelCady3-1518654999569

And here’s the photo of Cady that was posted to all of my social media accounts –


Photo ops with Cady

Cady and I went on our daily hike the other day and then I took photos for Valentines Day. I purchase holiday-themed inexpensive plastic necklaces to put around her neck for these kinds of photos. I have found that she is a really good model for me if I get her exercised first, then asked her to sit still for me wearing the props. A girl needs to have her fun first, before work!

I adopted Cady 18 months ago (at age 6) and she has really blossomed and gotten used to how I am hands on with her. I like to make sure that my dogs are used to lots of touches, petting, handling of paws, lifting of gums, checks of her teeth and of course kisses on her head and nose. I find that this makes for a great dog and veterinary visits are very easy.

She has also become quite the love bug and I attribute that to the hands-on attention she gets from me along with verbal praise.

That was a long story to get to this photo I took after we finished with her photos. I didn’t get to see what her eyes were doing until I got home and loaded them onto the computer. She is quite the sweetheart and often likes to press her muzzle against my face.

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Holiday green screen fun with Cady​

I decided to try something new this year with my holiday photos of Cady. I photographed her against a green screen then used Photoshop to remove the green background and save her as a png file with a transparent background. For my final images, I used Adobe Illustrator to place her in stock holiday images.

It was fun working on this project and she was great posing for me. I love how she will sit so pretty for me and I think she has the best expressions. She never minds wearing beads or decorations around her neck. As a side note, I adopted Cady (age 6) in May 2016 from the Humane Society of Missouri.

Treats were used as rewards, incentives, and modeling fee for Cady. I need to work on my photoshop skills some more, but for self-taught I think I’m doing pretty well.

Everyone have a great holiday season!

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Abbey doing water retrieves

These are photos of Abbey and Casey from 4/8/01. Abbey was 4-months old. She was learning how to retrieve from water. Look at how she swims at her age and brings the training bumper back to me. I was always amazed at how quick their genes kicked in told them what to do. The older Labrador Retriever is my boy Casey and he was about 2 1/2 at the time. She adored Casey from the time I brought her home and quickly claimed him as her boyfriend. This girl worked so hard for me and received her Junior Hunter title before she was two. RIP Abbey and Casey. You would have been 17 today Abbey if dogs could live that long. Missing you both.


1-007_7 copy
Abbey following Casey
2-009_9 copy
Casey (L) and Abbey (R)
3-012_12 copy
Sharing a retrieve – Casey (L), Abbey (R)
Got it Greg – Abbey
5-018_18 copy
Abbey coming back to shore
6-021_21 copy
Is this what you wanted Greg?


Casey in Flight

Founds these old photos of Casey and scanned them to share.

This is how an 80 pound Labrador Retriever launches himself to retrieve a duck for me. Look at his muscles in the second photo right before he goes into flight.  He could fly for 22 feet and in this photo, he cleared the tall reeds/cattails. Look at his feet together front and rear in the third photo. In the second to last photo that’s Abbey at 4-months old watching him. Photos from 4/8/2001. RIP guys. Great memories and lots of friendship, love, and loyalty from you two.

1-027_27 copy2-025_25 copy3-023_23 copy4-026_26 copy5-024_24 copy